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Rust-Colored Water Must Be Diagnosed Right Away

Rust-Colored Water Must Be Diagnosed Right Away

Rust-Colored Water Must Be Diagnosed Right Away

The tap water that comes out of your faucet should be clear. If it’s not, or if there is an odor, then you should take action right away. If your water looks rust-colored then that maybe it – it could be rust. However, it could also be something much more serious. If you notice anything off about your water you should call Top Service Plumbing at (760) 309-1900 right away.

Could it be rust?

A lab test isn’t necessarily needed to determine if your water is actually rusty. If it is rusty then it will have a metallic odor and will look reddish-brown. The rust is actually oxidized iron and though it can leave stains on sinks and linens, it’s not a health risk – that is according to the University of California. The only people who are really at danger are those who have the rare disorder hemochromatosis.

Where is the rust coming from?

Remember that just because rusty water isn’t dangerous doesn’t mean you don’t want to get rid of it. The first step to do so is to find out where the rust is coming from. Start by beginning at the fixture where you first saw the rust-colored water and fill up a glass with cold water. Look for rusty colors and smells, then let the cold water continue to flow for a few seconds. Try another sample. Now turn on the hot water and do the same.

If you notice that the rusty water only comes out when you have the hot water on, or if it’s gone after a few seconds of having the water on, then it’s likely the rust is within your home. However, if it keeps running then you will want to contact your local water authority because the problem is likely larger than just your home.

If the rust does seem to be coming from within your home then there are steps that can be taken. If it came with the cold water, then it’s likely there is a pipe or pipes within your plumbing system that is corroding. If the rust only comes out with the hot water then it’s likely your water heater has rust in it.

Steps to take if you’re dealing with rust-colored water

It doesn’t matter the cause of the rust-colored water, the action is almost always the same: Replace what’s wrong. If you have a public water system that’s rusted, then the public authority must replace it. If the pipes in your home are rusting, then you need a re-piping specialist to help you. We can investigate your pipes, determine which ones need to be replaced, and come up with a comprehensive plan to get it done.

If you’ve noticed that your pipes are rusty there’s one important thing we’d like you to know: This isn’t going to get better on its own. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get and the harder the solution will be. Contact Top Service Plumbing at (760) 309-1900 right now to find out about your options.

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